Designer jeweller Ruth Brushett has now set up her own workshop located in Orpington, on the outskirts of South-East London. This functions not only as an outlet for her own work but also for that of other young, gifted artists. The selection of jewellery displayed attempts to give the customer a taste of the selection that is available in the U.K, but also draws on tastes and influences of other European countries. The shop tends to focus on the more 'unusual' in terms of jewellery and gift ideas and offers a platform for the development of 'your own' ideas through working with Ruth to your specifications.

Rather than compete with the mainstream high street jewellers, we offer a totally personal experience and that is what sets the shop apart from the others. The shop is a little off the beaten track - but I hope well worth visiting! I have tried to give a modern approach to the window display and the interior with lots of light and a relaxed atmosphere - giving customers the opportunity to just browse around.

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